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What people are saying about this amazing Motivational Mind Reader!

"Your show blew us away and we haven't stopped talking about it to all of our friends.  I still don't understand how you did it all.  You are a true talent.  I believe that you have something very special and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. Thank you again." Brian Krause, Actor, "Leo" on Charmed, Los Angeles, CA

“As far as the mechanics went, you were friendly, responsive, detailed, timely and flexible, all of which made planning our event easier. AS to the show, you certainly delivered ... Your show was entertaining, provocative, baffling, inspirational, memorable, and quite engaging (staff eagerly participated). Your show was pure fun and a very good value to boot. Put me down as 5 stars!” Huck Hausmann, VP HR, MetaStar, Inc. Madison, WI

“At Capgemini, we like to believe we work closely with our clients since we invented the Collaborative Business Experience. However, Rex Sikes may have one upped us in working together with others. Despite our collaborative approach and customized solutions, we must admit that we are not mind readers. Rex Sikes needs to make no such admission, he entertains and educates with interpersonal knowledge.
At our regional sales kick off meeting, Rex exceeded all of our expectations by making connections with our colleagues. He inspired us to think about client relationships in new ways. And all the while he put a smile on all our faces.
Rex, we are thankful you could come to our event. We look forward to working with you in the future.”
Steve Grimmer, Capgemini, Atlanta, GA

"Exciting and astonishing. There's no way you could read my mind but you did! I love what you do. You are one of a kind." Kin Shriner, "Scotty Baldwin" on ABC's General Hospital, Hollywood, CA

"We always try to make our events unique, fun and - ideally- thought provoking. Rex Sikes was a perfect fit for us. People were talking about his presentation long after it was over. We received many compliments," Mark Sabljak, Publisher, The Business Journal, Milwaukee, WI

Holy smokes! Rex blew my mind by reading my thoughts over the phone!! Who ever heard of such a thing? Rex did an ESP test on me that helped me realize I could use more of my mind that I ever thought before. He made me see YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Everyone LOVES his shows! He's inspiring!" Joe Vitale, author, 'There's A Customer Born Every Minute' & "THE SECRET" Austin, TX

"After your show, we all walked away mystified. What you do is truly amazing! Better yet, I continue to get great feedback on your performance and requests for a repeat. Which is fine with me, since I'd book your show again in a minute." Virginia Conrad, 8 Ball Productions, New York, NY

"We just saw the show Rex put on and it was incredible! I have never seen anything like it in my life. I recommend him for any company parties because I know the people would really enjoy his entertainment." Todd Bushburger, Coventry Homes, Milwaukee, WI

"Rex's show quality is outstanding! His show is very professional and he used drawings and thoughts of the immediate audience members. There were no embarrassing moments for anyone and it was very interactive." Susan Strasburg, Ayres Assistant, Waukesha, WI

"The Amazing Rex Lives up to his name! Rex wowed our crowd…an enthusiastic thumbs up to the Amazing Rex. As an entertainer and speaker there are few comparable acts." Erica Gorsuch, The Retso Group, Mequon, WI

"Rex is professional and Rex surpassed our expectations. He is outstanding! I would book Rex for future events." Becky Maniaci, Desk Top Solutions, President, Milwaukee, WI

"Mr. Sikes provides a fresh and different type of entertainment for corporate functions. It's good clean fun for any size meeting." Margaret Kealty, Events Planner. Milwaukee Chamber, Milwaukee, WI

"We had great fun with your mind reading skills and you left many people a memorable night. Your humor and lightheartedness was very refreshing and a welcome addition. TDS Metrocom will look forward to working with you on future events. Thank you again." Jon Ollmann, TDS Metrocom, Waukesha, WI

"It was astounding! I can't believe he read my mind! I will never forget this event!" Mindy Brill, Meadowmere Assisted Living, Milwaukee, WI

"I would like to thank you again for your very entertaining performance at our company party. Your skills using mind magic are incredible. Our employees were amazed at your varying techniques of resolving what they were thinking, holding, or even what was in their pockets. You did a fine job of involving the whole crowd in your act..." Linda Graf, Letterhead Press, Waukesha, WI

"I have to say your show was the best I have seen to date. The diversity of our audience had me concerned that maybe participation would ebb. To say I was wrong is a complete understatement. Your ability to keep everyone on edge was fantastic. Yours is a show I would recommend to any group without hesitation. Thank you again." Jeff Jirchele, Mid State Truck Service, Marshfield, WI

"Your show is great! All the feedback I have received is incredibly positive. Even the skeptics were captivated and entertained by your intuitive abilities. Everyone loved your show and had a great time. How you were able to tell us things about ourselves, thoughts we held only in our minds, without having met any of us beforehand is absolutely amazing! We all had fun, no one was embarrassed and we are still talking about it"
Tammy Rechner, Crossmark Graphics, New Berlin, WI

"Your performance was absolutely astonishing. You proved that the human brain is so powerful, and by training you can make the impossible, possible, and go beyond time, and places, and break all the boundaries that limit us. It was great. I not only enjoyed the performance, but, also you inspired me as well. " Caroline Najarian, Business Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

“New and exciting. Outstanding and Amazing” Mark Angshrom, Sr. Printing Assoc.of Florida, Miami, FL

"I truly enjoyed your show. It was MINDBLOWING! I will definitely tell friends and family about you. And I will keep you in mind for parties coming up. I'm still in shock about the dream part of the show. Thank you again. You are amazing." Anita Noravian, Manager, Fox Broadcasting Co. Los Angeles, CA

“WOW!! How else can we explain it? Rex mesmerized us all. from the opening to his finale it was amazing and unbelievable! Staff is still talking about Rex’s mystifying performance. Thank you for an exciting and outstanding show at our company’s recognition dinner. Your talent will be remembered by all!” Tricia Fast, Human Resource Dept., Clarinda Regional Health Center, Clarinda, IA

"Rex had our table of 5 shaking their heads in disbelief. 'How did he know that?' We're still talking about it, weeks later! Great entertainment." Kathy Buenger, Editor, Lifestyle Magazines, Milwaukee, WI

"I had a truly amazing time.  It was an exciting opportunity for me to participate in your show. I am still stunned and amazed by your skill. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it! Astonishing!" Theresa Campell, Warner Brothers, Burbank CA

“We were looking for unique entertainment Rex is outstanding! Surpassed our expectations. He worked the crowd in total, calling on many different people. Many people stayed late to stay and talk to Rex after the event. Rex was in tune with our needs.” Sherry MacDonald, PLANET, Orlando FL

“How in the hell do you do that... I am very impressed.” Robert Deniro, Actor

"Rex’s show quality is outstanding! His show is very professional and he used drawings and thoughts of the immediate audience members. There were no embarrassing moments for anyone and it was very interactive." Susan Strasburg, Ayres Assoc. Waukesha, WI

“Rex... you are amazing!” Al Franken, Comedian, Commentator, Author

"My girlfriend and I went to see Rex perform at Southwest Texas University and enjoyed every minute of the show. She kept asking me 'how did he know that!' and although I didn't want to admit it, I had to tell her I didn't know. I had never felt a room so electrified in all my life. You'll leave his show not only being satisfied from seeing a great performance but being mystified as well. I would recommend his show to anyone!" Christopher Brenner, Austin, Texas

"Thank you for your participation in the MSN 8 Dome Tour in New York, NY. Given the unique environment and difficult audience, you were absolutely amazing. I know Microsoft was extremely happy with your astonishing performance and our crew was talking about you for weeks afterwards."Andy MacIntyre, Manager, GMR Marketing,Inc. New Berlin, WI

"Rex had our table of 5 shaking their heads in disbelief. 'How did he know that?' We're still talking about it, weeks later! Great entertainment." Kathy Buenger, Editor, Liftstyle Magazines, Milwaukee, WI

“Not only is Rex’s mind reading amazing, his show is humorous and appropriate for all ages. It’s so much fun for the audience to be part of the show! People were truly amazed! All I kept hearing was, “How does he know that?”” I think those who came as skeptics want home as believers.

All in all, the audience loved the show and had a wonderful time...and recommend “The Amazing Rex” to anyone who wants an unusual, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable show. Bonnie Ornst, Chairperson “Girls Night Out” Wauwatosa, WI

"I shook my head in amazement. Rex's show is funny, great fun, mystifying and totally entertaining!" Jim Fromberry, Pavlick Vending, Milwaukee, WI





“I’ve had the opportunity to see Rex Sikes perform on two occasions. In fact, after enjoying the first performance, I introduced him to our management team and had him perform for the leadership group of our healthcare system. Even after seeing Rex twice, I still don’t know how he does what he does. The mark of his success is the buzz in the crowd as people, while exiting his show, attempt to understand what they just saw. Rex is amazing and he’s a treat worth seeing several times.” Blaine J. O’Connell Sr. CFO, Froedert Hospital & Community Health, Inc, Milwaukee, WI

"Rex is a great showman and truly talented. I really couldn't believe what happened. There is no other explanation: Rex is for real!" Kirk Strong, Owner, Strong Interactive Media, Mequon, WI

"Your show was as entertaining as the first time I saw it. My guests were amazed and had a great time. It's memorable, mind boggling and fun. Thanks!" Steve Shor, Producer, President of Shor Films, Los Angeles, CA

"We are still talking about it at work. You were a huge hit! You made me look great. I can't thank you enough you helped me out so much! Everyone loved the show!!! You have a gift." Aune Hardt, Process Displays, Inc. New Berlin, WI

"Outstanding! Rex Sikes is professional and "tuned" into our particular needs. He surpassed our expectations." John Schmitz, Citizen Bank, Mukwanago, WI

"Your show is awesome. I love every minute of it. Everyone has a great time. I've seen you two times now and I have no idea how you do it. You are amazing I look forward to having you back again next year!!!" Mike King, Director, Two Bit Productions, Los Angeles, CA

“Rex Sikes provided an opening session performance for our annual conference. There is no other word to describe it. And AMAZING somehow doesn’t seem adequate. I was pleasantly impressed that his performance was a significant topic of conversation for the rest of the conference. However, I was amazed when I became engaged in a conversation on the east coast and listened to a description of Rex’s performance in Wisconsin a month earlier. The person telling the story had not been at the performance but had heard the story told by another person at a conference on the opposite coast. It was exciting to hear the buzz during our conference. It was unbelievable to know there were people sharing the experience 2nd hand a month and many miles later.
If you are looking for thought provoking entertainment, I recommend considering The Amazing Rex!”
Al Blencoe, President, WI Chapter of The National 911 Association, LaCrosse, WI

Sharp, funny and intriguing; Sikes draws skeptics in with his dry wit, then astonishes them with his technique. No one else like him." David Conrad, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc., Engineering Firm, New York, NY

"I wanted to apologize. I was the one thinking of that card. You stepped out and pointed in my direction and said 'would the person thinking of the jack of hearts please stop it'. I just think it was amazing that you did that. That you knew, that you picked that up. So I have to apologize, I'm sorry, I was going off my intuition trying to get the card too. I didn't mean to cloud what you were doing, but you got it anyway. You are awesome!!! I absolutely enjoyed the show." Paul Little, Process Displays, New Berlin, WI

Rex Sikes is an amazing performer and EXPERT on the human mind. While he is doing this show for entertainment, one can't walk away a bit more enlightened. It is rare that a talented and gifted entertainer is also an enlightened educator. This unique combination provides some really powerful and 'fulfilling' entertainment. Hire Rex if you have the opportunity." Bart Baggett, Author, 'Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy', Hollywood, CA

"You really did amaze and entertain our Irish Fest Board. Thank you for your fine show - it was just great! …The participants in our weekend have seen some of the best talent from around the world and are therefore somewhat difficult to impress. But impress them you did! At all times, your show was fast paced, in good taste and completely amazing." Judy Schwerm, Irish Fest, Milwaukee WI

"The Amazing Rex -His presentation took me by surprise, with its ingenuity and humor. He really had the crowd going. Everyone really enjoyed his presentation!" John Box, Superintendent of Mequon-Thiensville Schools, Mequon, WI

"Thanks again for speaking to my sales staff on Saturday morning. You were extremely entertaining but also very educating…I would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a motivational speaker or an entertainer for special occasions" Steve R. Recht, Sr. Jack Safro Toyaota, Brookfield, WI

"Rex's show has been the most entertaining performance we have booked to date…the performance was invigorating, leaving even the toughest skeptics amazed. Rex's ability to get the whole audience involved in the performance was an integral part of it's success…the feedback was outstanding!!! Many of the employees are still talking about it and how they can not believe the things he knew about them." Mary Wizgard, Store Crossroads County Market, Wausau, WI

"Everyone had a great time. Event the most skeptical were "wowed" by your mind reading skills. I would definitely recommend you for any group event. People were talking about your performance well into the following week." Pam Mikec, Current Electric Co. Brookfield, WI

I just wanted to write you and thank your wonderful and exciting performance you gave at Dana College. All of the students in attendance had a wonderful time and talked about your show for many days afterwards. You enlightened the minds and sparked an interest in cognitive thinking. With many elusive and mind boggling demonstrations, the audience was speechless in amazement.”Shelby Bliss, Dana College, Blair, NE

"On behalf of AFLAC thank you for your wonderful presentation. Your performance was great fun and uplifting for our employees and guests…People are delighted and amazed and still talking about your mystifying performance. You were a delight to work with and you made me look great!" Glen Schweikert, AFLAC, Brookfield, WI

"Way, way cooler than a magician or any other kind of entertainment! Rex your show is funny, mind boggling, and amazing! Thanks, you made our event an absolutely memorable occasion. People are still talking about it!"
Kay Rhomberg, Meeting Planner, La Crosse, WI

“We hired Rex as a motivational speaker for our luncheon. His presentation was outstanding. Want to say “thanks Rex you did a great job! Thanks for being a great entertainer. You kept everyone in their seats for the entire show!!! That never happened before.” Robert Banner, Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee, WI
"Rex's show was so amazing!   I am a skeptic, yet I was completely convinced that he truly has power over other people's thoughts, and he can know exactly what you are thinking. His show was entertaining from the very beginning until the  last second.   I was captivated and it seemed no time had  passed at all.   He was the best part of the party!  Everyone should have Rex entertain at their events...he had everyone drop-jawed." Debi Derryberry,  Actor,  Voice of "Jimmy Neutron", Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks or a wonderful show at our Annual Management Meeting. Everything about it was great including: Active audience participation through the performance, An amazing show people are still talking about, Your strong stage presence and inviting personality, and the fact that your act was completely clean, no foul language or off color references. Thanks again for a very enjoyable evening." Thomas Reilly, LakeSide Foods, Manitowoc, WI

"Rex, you were awesome! The students absolutely loved the show and were blown away by what information you sensed about them. It was great how you worked the crowd equally as demonstrated by the number of standing ovations you received during and after your performance.

You are easy to work with and Southwest Texas State University truly appreciates what you have done to help make our event very successful. Thank you again for dedication to professionalism."
Rebecca A. Rutledge, CASO Southwest Texas, University, San Markus, TX

"Recently, my wife and I attended Rex Sikes 'Amazing Mind Reading Show at Giggles Comedy Pub. Rex ... kept us laughing and entertained the entire show. It was one of the funniest and mind boggling shows we had seen in a long, long time. We were amazed at the incredible diversity of the show, as well as his ability to keep us entertained throughout. We kept asking each other... 'how'd he know that?' We loved the show." Kevin Crary, President, CF Associates Real Estate, Milwaukee, WI

“We chose Rex Sikes to offer variety in our fall programming. He exceeded our expectations and his presentation was outstanding. Rex is able to captivate an audience and connect with them on many levels. He is friendly, professional and I would book Rex for future events.” Richard Greene CO Student Activities, College Misericordia
Dallas, PA

"My sincere appreciation for making the Spouses Program at this year’s National Truck Driving Championships one of the best ever! From the many positive responses, I know that you live up to your name – ‘Amazing Rex!" I understand that the entire crowd was involved in your performance, and that’s no easy feat with any crowd. Please accept my thanks." Jai Kundu, Executive Director, American Trucking Associations, Alexandria, VA

“We wanted something new and exciting. Rex Sikes is amazing and outstanding. He was tuned in to our needs.” Mark Angstrom Sr. Printing Association of Florida

“Rex's show was entertaining and unbelievable! The time flew by because he kept everyone amazed on how he could read their minds! Worthy entertainment!”Betsy Demoret, Landcare Network, Orlando, FL

“…This is a diverse crowd made up of local business leaders and their guests, and many local area government and other political professionals.

Rex did an outstanding job blending his mind reading skills into the event, holding everyone’s attention and continually baffling those in attendance with comments ranging from “How could he have known that?” to “This is absolutely amazing!” I guess that is why he is referred to as The Amazing Rex.

Rex brought a fresh blend of talent, energy and professionalism to a large group at the end of our 3 1/2 hour event. We have received numerous compliments n the evening, all including Rex’s performance. We reviewed 5 performers for this event and I personally witnessed two performances here in Chicago. We definitely made the right decision in choosing Rex from the five. He absolutely made the Night. RobertBrueck, VP Lincolnwood COC, IL

“Rex provided outstanding entertainment. I liked seeing his show again.” Judith Sobel GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI









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